AWS Solutions Architecture Consulting

Building a house, call Mike Brady. Building in the cloud, call Cloud Bedrock!

AWS Solutions

When designing a new service that will be hosted on AWS, it's critical to get the start based on sound best practices. Integrate an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional from Cloud Bedrock into your team to ensure your projects success.

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AWS Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Hybrid Cloud gives you the ability to incorporate your on-premise assets with your AWS public cloud infrastructure. Cloud Bedrock's AWS Certified Professionals can help you tie your two environments together in a secure, cohesive architecture. Contact us today!

AWS Service Examples: AWS Snowball, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, AWS IAM, AWS Directory Service, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon EC2 Run Command

AWS Multi-Region

Does your organization have mission critical services? While AWS provides a high availability and fault tolerance within a region, regions are still a single administrative boundry. As such, mistakes can, and have been made. Also, regional disasters can threaten your environments. Multi-Region architectures can take your disaster readiness to the next level and Cloud Bedrock can help you get there. Contact us today! Also, we have maps ... because some people don't have maps.

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Pricing for AWS Consulting

Pay By The Hour

Perfect for initial discovery or adhoc tasks.

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Pay By The Project

When you have a specific deliverable in mind.

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Retain Greatness

When your solution is in steady state, but you need the regular support of a seasoned professional familiar with your environment, your processes and team.

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