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Jim Hankins

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I woke up this morning, realizing my first online course will soon be available and I’ve yet to complete the task of a web site!

Now, when you get a chance to know me, you’ll know, I am a lot of things, web designer is not one of them. That’s not to say I’ve not created more than a few sites in my day, it’s just not something that excites me for some reason.

If there is anything that I dislike more than web design, it’s supporting a WordPress site. So a static site was my goal and static generation seemed to fit the bill.

Earlier in the year I had wired a site up with JBake using a CI/CD Pipeline to deploy it. On my list of things to try was Hugo given it’s snappy performance claims on those builds. (After all, time is money).

So imagine my surprise when I read the following post announcing the launch of yet another new Amazon Service Amazon Amplify Console. How “meta” is this? So, of course I’ll try to put it to use launching this site. I smell a blog/vlog post coming on this…. :)

Hi, I’m Jim Hankins, and I’m the founder of Cloud Bedrock!

I founded Cloud Bedrock initially upon my son, Tyler’s suggestion. I’m lucky enough to primarily have worked from home over the last decade. As such, my just-in-time training routine is a combination of an ever increasing mountain of books, and a TON of e-learning!

I like to watch the video training in my living room on a large screen TV. Sometimes the course material is either very new or obscure so it’s difficult to find any quality content. We’ve all been there. We want to get something done but we’ve hit a road block. Some knowledge gap which you “know” is something you should be able to do in minutes but it’s now been hours or days and your deadline is looming.

Maybe you’ve picked the wrong technology pony for one of your stacks critical components and now you have to rip and replace it with a competing product or service which you’ve never used. That’s always fun.

I’ve been helped over the last 25 plus (an emphasis on the plus) years by so many of these courses, blog articles, stack overflow, YouTube etc. It always feels like a scene from the Matrix, when you can literally download a new skill. Maybe not a helicopter pilot program yet, but who knows? VR training is here. You can bet I’ll sign up for that when it’s available. (You’ll let me know).

It’s time I paid back. I look forward to imparting my knowledge, experience and expertise to you. I also look forward to conversing with and learning from you in the process!

I’m excited to start this new chapter. Hope to hear from you soon! Feel free to reach out to me via the social media link of your choosing. We’ll be getting quite active shortly!

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